Aarati Kunja Bihari ki


Aaroha:   * N S R g G M P D n

Aarti    kunj   bihari ki,   Sri Giridhara   Krishna  Murari   ki

P-PM   P n n  DP MG R,  S  R P M M     G G        S R S      *NS

Gale  mein vyijanti  mala,     bajaave  murali  madhura  Laala

g g-   g       R-RgR   S *n S,     g g -g      R-R        g R R        S *N S

Shravanmein  Kundala  jhalakala,  nand  ke  anand nandalala

g g-g                R-R g       R R S *N S,  (M)g-  g   R-R g  R R S *N S

Gagan  Sama ang  kaanta kali,   Radhika chamak  rahi   Aali

g g-      g        R-g    R-R S    *N S,  g-g g      R R R       g R   S-*N S

Ratan   mein   ttaade   vanamali

g g        g          R R g      R S *NS

Bhramara  si  alak,  Kasturi    tilak    Chandra si  jhalak

P P   –         D   P P      P-P D      P P      P-            P  D P P

Lalita  Chavi   shyama  pyaari ki,  Shri Giridhara—-

P P P    P M     P n n      D P-M G R,  




4 thoughts on “Aarati Kunja Bihari ki


    Thanks geeta for the notations it really makes it easy to learn harmunium just by sitting at home God bless u and guide you at all times

  2. Yogesh Reply

    Very nice! Which key is this and other are? Kali-1 or Kali-4? Thanks

    • Geet-Admin Post authorReply

      You can play this song from any key. If you take Black 1 as Shadja(Saa), then Pancham( Pa) will be Black 4.

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